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Security shutters can provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for businesses to fortify their business premises.

Here we will outline the costs, advantages, and different kinds of shutters available as well as what features come with them through practical examples of installations.

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With security shutters, you get cost-effective protection without compromising on looks for your business establishment.

Our company have installed a range of shop front shutters across the UK. If you would like a quote for a roller shutter at your workplace or roller garage doors at your home or industrial establishment, please make sure to contact our team today.

Key Takeaways

Shop Front Shutter Costs

The average cost for shop front shutters is between £500-£1500.

When it comes to shop front shutters, the cost depends on several factors such as material used, size and installation services.

Our roller shutters and solid steel security grilles offer various solutions for diverse needs.

Researching available options is important in finding competitive prices while investing in the secure protection of your property or store’s assets.

Security shutter systems like roller models or grille guards are a great investment when added to any type of shopfront design requirements.

Benefits of Security Shutters

Security shutters have numerous benefits, for instance acting as a deterrent and providing an impenetrable barrier to burglary. They also guard against extreme weather and ensure privacy.

Two main types of security roller shutter are available on the market: roller grilles give customers maximum visibility while still remaining secure.

These come in two varieties, Armourshield or Chainlink.

Roller shutters can provide even stronger protection when total concealment is desired over being able to see what’s behind them.

To get optimal results from your security screen it needs correct installation which will extend its effective life span too!

What are Security Shutters?

Security roller shutters, bi folding doors and steel security grills and solutions that can deter burglars from breaking into your shop, factory or home.

Shop Front Fitters offer a wide range of solutions that provide protection to your property or business from theft, vandalism, etc., depending on the risk level you are facing.

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Our roller shutter installers also offer automatic door systems, shop fronts made up of aluminium for an extra layer of security against intruders, roller garage doors and other security solutions.

Ultimately all these items will help protect one’s premises from unwanted guests effectively.

Roller Shutters

Security roller shutters are a secure and reliable way to protect against intruders.

Constructed from horizontal laths, with two cheek plates supporting the ends of its curtain-like structure around it’s internal roller device.

They provide increased safety features as well as effortless installation.

Offering multiple benefits ranging from improved security and fire protection to noise reduction and graffiti resistance, these rollers make them an attractive addition for any home or business looking into garage doors, whether M.S., Aluminium or Polycarbonate options.

These durable mechanisms not only add visual appeal but also have the capacity for insulation properties while protecting buildings in bad weather conditions too!

If you would like more information on the shop front shutters we can install, please make sure to complete our contact form today.

Security Grilles

Shop Front Fitters offers various security solutions such as window bars, roller shutter grilles, retractable grilles and mesh for windows.

Installing security grilles for commercial applications can be a great way to increase the level of protection at doors or windows since they are more difficult to breach than shutters and present an obvious deterrent.

It may come with higher costs associated with its installation. To other methods of safety available on the market.

To make sure you choose what best meets your shop front needs, it is important that you consider all aspects before settling on one option over another like roller shutters or security grilles.

Key Features of Security Shutters

Security shutters are a great addition to any property, offering unparalleled security alongside an attractive and professional design.

They provide protection against the weather elements, as well as allowing unobstructed views and ventilation without compromising on the safety or strength of construction.

They offer temperature control along with light management that gives users assurance from break-ins and vandalism.

Plus both internal & external models can be fitted for automatic operation too!

Material Options

Security shutters are a great way to protect your home, and can be made of various materials for different purposes.

Reinforced aluminium offers strength while steel is also robust and durable, providing increased security protection against weather conditions.

PVC or galvanised steel options have a more aesthetic appeal that may suit the look you’re looking for in your domestic space.

Wood or MDF offer an elegant classic finish to complete any design scheme.

Finally, extruded aluminium increases longevity as it’s strong yet corrosion-resistant – perfect if you’re after long term solutions with uninterrupted quality performance!


When it comes to customising security roller shutters, factors such as the size of the opening for the door/shutter, level of protection desired, vision requirement or ventilation and finishing all need to be taken into account.

Fixed access control solutions like manual operation with a keypad or switch add another layer of secure convenience while remote controls provide effortless management from afar, ideal especially for roller shutter garage doors in both domestic and commercial settings.

For added personalisation when choosing your own unique security solution, there is also an array of colours available alongside effective methods that can aid Safety features like deadlocking systems on many different types of shutter styles including folding doors and sliding products.

Types of Security Shutters for Different Applications

When making an informed decision about the ideal security solution for a property, it is important to be aware of the distinct advantages and features each type of shutter has.

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There are several types of shutters available specifically designed to meet commercial, domestic or industrial needs. All these varieties present their own unique benefits in terms of security measures.

Commercial Use

Commercial shutters, designed for businesses such as casinos, supermarkets, warehouses and more to safeguard their premises from intruders or vandalism, have numerous benefits.

These include being made of durable steel & aluminium that provides enhanced security by creating a physical barrier.

The commercial use shutters can be customised in design to match the aesthetics of any business property while also providing weather protection.

The ease with which these commercial shutters operate combined with fire resistance & noise reduction makes them an ideal solution for many enterprises seeking insurance approval at competitive prices.

Certain commercial properties may also want to consider bi folding doors and large windows behind their security products for maximum visibility. This is often the case when we supply and manufacture shop fronts.

Domestic Use

As well as commercial use shutters, our company can also supply and manufacture security shutters for residential projects.

When it comes to residential security, certain solutions are recommended. These include roller shutters for an additional physical barrier and insulation, as well as providing a visible deterrent.

Protective grilles are used on windows and doors to protect the home from threats.

When selecting domestic roller shutter options, strength, durability and aesthetic appeal should be taken into account – prices can range substantially (starting at £50 per m2 up) depending on size of the operation among other factors.

Security shutters offer homeowners peace of mind that their property is secure against intruders or theft protection at all times.

Industrial Use

Roller shutters designed specifically for industrial use, as well as steel security shutters providing both protection and ventilation, offer commercial customers an ideal solution to meet their high-level security requirements.

For facilities such as warehouses or factories requiring the highest levels of defence, independently tested and certified LPS1175 Security Levels 1-4 are best suited since they can safeguard against any attacks attempted on them.

Installation and Maintenance of Security Shutters

The maintenance and prompt addressing of any potential problems is essential to preserve the effectiveness and durability of security shutters.

Installing them requires proper preparation, mounting brackets, attaching the roller shutter itself, inspection with fine tuning if necessary along with extra add-ons for enhanced protection.

Expert Install Services

For the most reliable security solution, an expert installation service for security shutters is necessary.

Trained technicians need to possess qualifications such as a high school diploma or equivalent and strong skills in working outdoors under all weather conditions along with basic tools and knowledge of precision joinery attachment methods.

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Safety precautions must be observed when shutters are being installed. Safety precautions include fitting safety devices and ensuring staff have been properly trained on safe operation procedures as well as regular maintenance regimes adhering to relevant regulations.

Trustworthy professional installation services guarantee that your newly fitted shutters are secure and function correctly providing maximum protection at all times.

Product Support and Emergency Assistance

Owners of security shutters can take advantage of several product support services, such as service and maintenance, emergency response and nationwide upkeep plans.

In the case of any urgent situations regarding malfunctions or damages to their shutter system, they can get prompt aid from professional technicians around the clock who are skilled in assessing issues before providing necessary repair work or replacement parts for restoration.

Keeping contact details on hand for a reliable provider will ensure that owners have quick access to quality assistance if ever needed. Securing overall safety measures against potential hazards.

Case Studies: Successful Security Shutter Installations

Installing security shutters is an effective way to boost safety and aesthetics in many different locations.

These case studies demonstrate how these special kinds of shutters can provide enhanced protection while still enhancing the look of both residential and commercial properties.

From shop fronts to factories, installing a roller shutter has proven itself time and again as an invaluable asset for increasing security.

Retail Success Story

Shop Front Fitters was contracted to install an RA4 Compact Aluminium Roller Shutter at business premises in Manchester.

The business needed security and we adhered to planning regulations.

The sturdy aluminium construction of this roller shutter gives reliable protection against unwanted visitors while also limiting outside light from entering the store.

Thus maintaining the desired atmosphere for customers inside and providing full-proof safety measures.

The shutter was installed onto bi folding doors to ensure safety and security and prevent people from smashing the glass shop front.

Residential Security Solution

The installation of security shutters was a great addition to the home, providing protection against break-ins, vandalism and theft.

A variety of roller shutter types were installed. Including insulated shutters for improved insulation levels, energy efficiency and additional security grilles that all complement each other aesthetically while offering maximum resistance.

The quality features associated with these particular types of fixtures ensured secure coverage in this residential property without compromising on looks.

Not only did this give peace of mind, but also enhanced the overall visual appeal within its surroundings.


In summation, the installation of security shutter doors at business or home premises offers enhanced protection against possible theft and break-ins.

Knowing the various types, applications and features helps to determine what is best for any property in terms of defense.

Professional setup coupled with periodic maintenance gives you a sense of safety while also providing an attractive visual appeal for your enterprise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are security shutters worth it?

Security shutters are a great way to ensure the safety of your property.

Acting as a physical shield, these barriers will help ward off intruders while also keeping any prized possessions out of sight from potential thieves.

The installation cost is well worth it in order to protect yourself and your belongings from those who may wish to do you harm.

In short, security shutters can be an effective solution for shielding people’s homes or buildings against would-be burglars and ensuring peace of mind along with protecting valuable assets that could otherwise have been lost if not taken into consideration when assessing home security solutions.

Can shutters be used as security?

Shutters can be a great option for security.

They are custom-made and come in various sizes, perfect for any door or window!

What are the strongest security shutters?

Roller shutters from the Terror Screen SR4 and Armourguard range offer premium protection with their weight, strength, longevity and insulation levels.

What factors affect the cost of security shutters?

The factors that affect the cost of security shutters include:

What is the difference between roller shutters and security grilles?

Roller shutters and security grilles are an effective way to protect windows, doors, and other openings.

These tools provide a strong layer of protection against intruders by featuring horizontal laths that guard the points of entry securely.

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