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Shop fronts are an important part of any commercial business, serving as your first impression to customers and your first line of theft prevention when the shop itself is locked up for the night.

However, many people do not realise how in-depth the shop fronts industry can get.

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Between the many different basic types of shopfronts on the market and the various ways to customise each installation, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Thankfully, working with experts like us can simplify this professional installation to something a lot more streamlined.

We offer a wide range of shop front options, from standard designs used in most retail stores to entirely bespoke business fronts. But what are all these different types of shop fronts actually used for?

What Materials are Most Used for Shop Fronts?

There are a lot of different elements that go into all types of shop fronts, with materials being one of the biggest. These have the biggest impact on how secure, complex, heavy and costly the shop fronts are overall.

Many types of shop fronts are made using a specific set of commonly chosen materials, such as:

However, different types of shopfronts involve more than just different materials. Here is each type of shop front that most businesses will gravitate towards – all of which our experts can install quickly and easily for any new shop build that needs one.

Our Shop Front Fitters can offer a range of different designs to suit your needs and requirements. To find out about the different options we can install, please see below or use our enquiry form to get in touch with our team.

Glass Shopfronts

Are you looking for a fresh modern look for your business? Our glazed, frameless shop fronts are a popular choice amongst many clothes stores, showrooms and more.

The glass shop front design allows potential customers to see what products you have in store whilst making use of natural light (saving on electricity costs).

Glass shop fronts make it easy to attract customers with aesthetically pleasing indoor displays, and are great for getting noticed by passers-by.

They are also perfect for showcasing products to anybody who walks past, effectively turning the street outside into part of your shopfront due to their glass panels that offer an unobscured view.

However, glass shop fronts also need extra security features, especially during closing hours. This is especially true if it is not hardened or toughened up glass, which means that it could break a lot faster than you might expect.

Without proper support and strengthening, the glass can be easily broken, which often makes security shutters a necessary addition overnight. We can provide both of these products to ensure you get a secure shopfront that is also modern and stylish.

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Aluminium Shopfronts

Aluminium shop fronts are extremely popular among our clients. This type of shopfront is often paired with security roller shutters to deter burglaries.

Aluminium shop front installation is so popular due to the durability of the product and can last over 20 years!

When installing aluminium shopfronts, we can offer bi-folding doors, automatic doors and security doors.

Our experienced shop front fitters will discuss what you require prior to designing the new shop front to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

As mentioned earlier, aluminium shop fronts are lightweight and very durable.

The right sleek design can offer an elegant image while still being tough and hard to damage, making these the most popular shopfronts for basically any business that wants something stronger than glass windows.

While aluminium is not a perfect solution, many businesses find that it makes for the perfect storefront, especially when combined with durable shop window options that show your products off to more customers without lowering your security.

Wood Shopfronts

Despite not being as popular as glass and aluminium shopfronts, wooden shopfronts can still give a professional appearance to any business.

When installing these high quality shop fronts, our shop fitters can offer a number of different colours with our huge range of wood paints.

We have fitted timber shopfronts for a number of clients across the UK, including sweet shop owners, clothes stores, offices and more.

Wood shopfronts offer a more traditional look and are very good for insulation (especially when combined with triple or double glazing in the windows).

While heavier and often more costly than aluminium shop fronts, they are easily the most aesthetically pleasing option on this list.

While wood can be incredibly versatile for all kinds of interesting designs, it is also an expensive option for a business storefront. Most businesses that use it rely on keeping up a fancy, expensive-looking visual style.

Shopfront Shutters

While not a shop front themselves, shopfront shutters provide extra security overnight. These lock down to keep the business more secure and do not usually take up much extra space due to being quite slim.

Some of these are see-through grilles, while others are sheets that cover the glass windows almost entirely.

Both the sheets and the see-through grilles are worthwhile – it just depends on which you prefer.

There is a huge range of shutters and gates available for basically any kind of shop front, many of which can be adjusted to suit each building in a bespoke way.

The option you choose generally will not make that much of a difference, but business owners who are looking for something that offers increased security first and foremost may want to choose the toughest option that they can find.

Curved Glass Windows

Curved glass windows create an inviting storefront with a curved shop window design, something that makes businesses look a lot fancier with very little effort.

While curved glass shop fronts take some time to prepare, they are increasingly popular with more modern-looking businesses.

Curved glass is a high-end product that can be very expensive, meaning that many retail shops use it sparingly. However, its unique characteristics can make it a distinguishing feature on many businesses’ properties.

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Curtain Walling

Curtain walling provides a strong and durable protective layer to the rest of the building.

While mostly used for a larger shop front such as those in shopping centres, it can strengthen the existing shopfront underneath it while also protecting it from bad weather conditions.

Careful consideration has to be given to curtain-style walling if any business wants to use it since the business needs to plan for the actual weight changes and extra space involved in adding the new layer to their shopfronts.

Structural Glazing

Structural glazing focuses on using seamless glass surfaces for shopfronts.

These can be incredibly attractive glass shopfront options but also require the business to spend a lot of time considering security and durability issues.

Even with toughened glass and aluminium supports, these glass store fronts can be a risk if businesses do not include the right security measures and durability boosters.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are a great addition to any shopfront, from complex revolving doors to simple sliding doors.

We can carry out an excellent job when it comes to automatic doors. With our modern, automatic commercial doors, you will receive more customers, as your new shop front will look more impressive and welcoming.

Bi Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors move similarly to traditional hinged doors but across multiple layers.

These high-quality (often toughened-glass) doors create an interesting shopfront design but need extra steps for increased security if the doors themselves are easy to break through.

Sliding Door Shop Fronts

More conventional sliding auto-doors work well alongside laminated glass display windows, creating a huge amount of visibility to draw potential customers in while also keeping the store secure when the door is locked tight.

Sliding automatic doors are usually quick and easy, making them ideal for any space where a door would need to open and close often – such as a high-traffic shopfront.

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UPVC Shop Fronts

Similar to aluminium and wood, UPVC can also be painted to meet the needs of our valuable clients.

The great thing about UPVC shop windows and doors is that they are practically maintenance-free. UPVC can be cleaned easily and is not prone to rotting or flaking.

UPVC can also offer a more modern look to your business.

UPVC shopfronts are common for dentists, restaurants, florists, chemists along with a range of other businesses.

They are low-maintenance and good for energy insulation, as well as being appealing to potential customers. They can be a great choice for a business that wants something cheap but effective.

UPVC is also not prone to corrosion, making it a corrosion-resistant option for any store owner who worries about their shopfront slowly disintegrating due to bad weather or other uncontrollable factors.

We would be more than happy to talk things over with you if you would like more information and would be happy to provide you with a quote for a new and professional shopfront for your business.

Frameless Glass Shop Fronts

Frameless glass shop fronts use special toughened glass that makes the shopfront almost entirely windowed, usually including the door.

Of course, these are often still backed up with perforated shutters overnight, just for extra store protection.

These are incredibly fancy shopfronts that can cost quite a lot to install but provide a completely clear glass shopfront that turns the entire shop into one large display area for passers-by.

Factors to Consider When Designing Shop Fronts

A shop front is a vital part of any physical business, and there are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a shop front option for a commercial property. These include:

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What Are Shop Fronts Made Of?

Most shop fronts use aluminium, roller shutters or heavy-duty steel shutters, and strengthened windows.

Of course, this all depends on each shop and the owner’s preferences.

Steel perforated shutters and aluminium shutters are one example, with neither necessarily being bad and just being used in slightly different ways.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Shop Fronts?

Each different type of shop front has its own specific quirks, and understanding them can be important for choosing the right option.

We can provide solid advice relating to a wide range of shop front options, helping you find the right shopfront for your personal store-design preferences based on their functional benefits and drawbacks.

What is a Shop Front Design?

A shop front design is simply anything that focuses on the shopfronts of a commercial business – the outside part of a store that faces the street.

A good shopfront is important not only for security reasons but also to attract customers and make your shop look as nice as possible. It can even be an important part of building a brand identity in larger retail store chains.


We can offer a huge range of shopfront options, as well as the expertise to help clients plan and install any kind of shop front that their business needs.

As experts in the field, we understand how to deliver a shop front that suits any business requirements, no matter how specific.

If you want to know more about what we can offer or would like to get an accurate price quote for any specific shop front design, then contact us, and we will put you in touch with our experts.

We work hard to deliver the best possible shop front options to our customers, always trying to meet their needs perfectly.

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