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Non-structural curtain wall systems can provide both a fantastic visual upgrade and some incredible practical features, allowing you to quickly overhaul high-rise buildings without excessive construction costs.

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Shop Front Fitters are experts in the installation of these outer covering systems, working with clients to deliver curtain walling systems that perfectly suit their properties.

Benefits of Curtain Walling

The widespread use of curtain walling systems does not come from anywhere – these curtain wall systems can offer a range of major bonuses, whether they are used on smaller structures or large multi-storey buildings.

These can include:

Modern Designs

Curtain walling systems can make an older building look far more modern with nothing more than some glass or metal panels, completely changing the look and feel of the structure.

As non-structural elements, they can be installed without having a heavy load imposed on the structure.

Central Heating Efficiency

Structural elements like curtain walling systems can boost insulation in certain circumstances, helping the building retain heat. Using good thermal breaks makes this thermal efficiency even higher.

Using the right combination of thermal breaks and other insulation techniques can have a huge impact on your overall efficiency, and curtain walls are one of these factors.

Fire Protection

The buffer created by curtain walling allows for greater fire safety, slowing the rate at which fire spreads between areas. This gives it the ability to protect other buildings from fire, as well as ensuring that windows are not an easy way for fire to escape and spread.

Even the interior metal pieces and aluminium curtain walling components can be designed to minimize fire spread, which can be incredibly powerful when used alongside fire-resistant doors.

Weather Resistance

Good curtain wall systems allow for proper handling of thermal expansion, high wind load, and generally poor weather. A well-installed curtain can provide greater weather resistance than a building’s glass windows could on their own.

Not only are they better at handling weather than a typical window, but properly designed curtain walling can provide the exterior protection needed to keep window frames and other structural areas safe from extreme weather changes.

Watertight Seals

Installing a curtain wall system can make it harder for water (as well as polluted air) to enter the building, keeping the spaces inside comfortable and clean. This helps keep water managed and can even keep air pressure equalised in certain situations.

This allows glass windows to have an extra layer of protection, especially with the curtain’s outward face sealed using another layer of glass or a similar material. This outer seal design makes curtain walls great for handling water or other types of leaks that could go through a regular wall or window frame.

Greater Privacy

Using opaque glass or metal plates allows a curtain wall system to offer greater privacy in buildings with lots of windows without blocking the natural light from the outside.

These exterior non-structural designs can be designed with opaque, translucent and transparent materials or varying degrees thereof. This does not necessarily have to be glass, although glass is obviously a very common choice.

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Lightweight Materials

If handled correctly and built using the right materials, curtain walling can keep a low weight even with multiple windows and a large aluminium curtain frame.

Being able to create curtain walls out of lightweight material reduces strain on the building and means that the curtain wall will not wear down under its own weight.

Types of Curtain Walling

While most curtain wall systems emerged from the same basic design, so many different options have been developed that there is quite a wide variety of choices when it comes to the planning stage. With so many options, it can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you are new to the idea of curtain walls.

Our team are able to break down the differences between specific curtain wall types. In general, there are two main categories to consider when looking at curtain wall installation – stick systems and unitised systems.

Stick Curtain Walling

Stick curtain wall systems involve using a range of horizontal mullions and other building components, which are assembled on-site and then installed directly. From there, the glazing panels are added to the frames of the external walls.

This is often the more cost-effective option since it requires less extensive use of specialized equipment.

The project can also begin as soon as the components arrive. However, more time needs to be spent waiting on-site since the curtain wall itself is constructed as needed – which can mean faster or slower overall projects depending on the scale of the construction needed.

Stick curtain wall systems are easier to maintain but are often lacking in thermal performance and could create some problems through structural movement.

Unitised Curtain Walling

Unitised curtain wall options are prefabricated off-site and installed as larger pieces rather than being built on-site. Since they are manufactured ahead of time, the curtain walls can be installed faster but may need a full range of specialised equipment to transport and install them.

These units tend to have better thermal performance and thermal breaks, providing better insulation on either the inside or outside of the wall.

Curtain Wall System Materials

Curtain wall systems are typically designed using aluminium curtain walling frames and a range of window materials, from glass to stone to metal panels.

Our team understand how important building the right kind of curtain walling is, and we always focus on the aluminium curtain frames first to ensure maximum durability and stability. A well-manufactured aluminium frame is the core of the project and the part that enables the construction of the rest.

From there, we can begin construction by adding the client’s chosen material to the aluminium framework. This could be pre-manufactured glass panels, stone pieces, or larger metal panel pieces that keep the inside and outside world separate.

While different materials change the loads imposed on the aluminium frame and create different levels of heat management, etc., we always design the right aluminium base for the job. Our team can discuss material options with every client individually, finding the right choice for their specific project.

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Curtain Walling Services We Offer

Our team are experienced in handling the installation and building of curtain walling options across a range of settings and project scopes. Regardless of the exact projects, we can offer services like:

Curtain Walling Installation

Our team understand how to install curtain walling across multiple floors of a building and has the ability to work around things like doors to balconies or emergency doors to fire escapes.

We tackle all of our projects as bespoke tasks, working around the limitations of different buildings and exterior details to create glass or metal curtain walls that work perfectly for each specific building.

Curtain Walling Repair

We can also repair existing curtain walls on buildings that might have suffered wear and tear, using well-tested techniques to ensure that the curtain walling is properly fixed.

Whether it is restoring the energy-efficient insulation and thermal conductivity levels or making sure that the glass does not break, we can keep these systems in perfect condition.

Curtain Walling Replacement

In situations where you want to completely replace the curtain walling, our team can help remove and replace the lightweight material without causing damage to your property.

We understand how to replace curtain walls on buildings with minimal risk to the structure itself, as well as the glass and glazing used in your building’s windows.

Cost of Curtain Wall Systems

The average cost of curtain walling is around £800 to £1400 per square meter. Of course, different material choices can influence this cost quite heavily, as can the scale of the project.

Bespoke additions (such as having to create an area with a door to a balcony in the middle of the curtain section) will obviously increase the price even further.

Our team can give you reliable price estimates on any project, so talk to us today to learn more.

Curtain Walling Vs. Cladding

Cladding is a structural piece, whereas curtain walling is non-structural. This makes curtain walling a lot lighter and more versatile, as well as often being cheaper.

This can allow curtain walling to follow custom designs that accommodate things like door areas, differential movement, or even unique ceiling designs, depending on the building’s structure.

While cladding is part of the external walls and is used as a structural piece, curtain walling is often more common (both in office buildings in major cities and in residential properties) due to how versatile it can be.


What is the life expectancy of a curtain wall?

A typical curtain wall can last up to 60 years or longer if properly maintained before needing any kind of major replacement.

While factors like excessive wind load and water penetration can reduce this, these curtain walls still work well for the majority of their expected lifespan.

Are all curtain walls structural?

Curtain walls are not structural, meaning that they offer no support in the same way that a pillar or door frames could. Even if they have structural features like doors leading out into walkways, these are handled by the interior wall.

The curtain wall itself – the part exposed to the outside world – is a non-structural glazing cover.

What are the four functional requirements of curtain walling?

Curtain walling requires four key elements:


If you are looking for excellent curtain walls for commercial, industrial or residential properties, then our team knows how to deliver the right results for your needs.

Between bespoke window and door systems built into the curtains or simply choices between double and triple glazing on the glass, we try to provide each client with an option that suits their practical needs and aesthetic preferences.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, get in touch and talk with our team today to learn more.

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